About The Amazing Mr. Walker

Master portrait artist Larry Walker was born in Memphis, TN.  In 1975, Walker was awarded a full scholarship to the Memphis College of Art, where he received his four years of formal art training.  After college, he received many national awards and recognition: one of his most notable achievements is the national Grumbacher Art Award.  This prestigious award is only given to elite artists in the United States of America for outstanding abilities in the field of fine arts.  Walker is committed to motivating young artists to help them develop confidence through the world of art.  This may be why he was considered the most requested artist with Arts Memphis for eight years in the Artist-In-The-School program.  

In 1990, Walker produced a popular five year run community arts television Talkshow entitled Personal Portrait,, which aired on Memphis cable television community channel. 

In 1994, the Tennessee Historic Council in Nashville commissioned Walker to create a 30” X 36” oil painting of civil rights activist and newspaper publisher Ida B. Wells. The original painting is still hanging in the Tennessee State Capital in Nashville as a part of the Tennessee Historic Council’s permanent historic art collection.

In 2011, Walker was personally asked by former Mayor Willie W. Herenton, the first elected African American Mayor of Memphis, to paint his official portrait for the Memphis Hall of Mayors.  During that same year, Walker was also commissioned by the Memphis Shelby County office to paint a portrait of former Shelby County Mayor AC Wharton for the Shelby County Hall of Mayors.

Walker’s commitment to motivate and help develop the talents of young people has made him one of the most requested visual artists to participate in the Artists-in-the-School program, sponsored by the Memphis Arts Council.  The artist is also an inventor, who believes he will one day have a product that will make history and make a difference in the lives of people as his art has done for years.  In 2018, Walker is scheduled to release the first deluxe watercolor art set  that promotes art and tourism in the state of Tennessee.  His goal for the next three years is to market the arts and tourism, featuring historical facts,for all 50 states.